Ashley Fuchs, “between the lines”

Ashley Fuchs
Bozeman, Montana

between the lines
screenprint on Stonehenge paper with letterpress text
13.5 x 5/16 x 6.125″

Artist Statement

between the lines utilizes a flag structure to depict conversations of love and devotion between my partner and myself. The book structure is pivotal in the conceptual underpinnings of the work and conversations—utilizing both sides of the page to intertwine words from two different people. The book uses subtle cues to represent the two different voices in the relationship. Slightly different type faces were chosen between the couple’s words to represent individuality, but also unity in the relationship. Flipping through the book page by page, the viewer can see the segments of writing from one person, reading from top to bottom. When opened, the writing becomes intertwined and in-meshed with the other text. This represents the relationship, not from an individual’s perspective, but as a whole. The book can now be read top to bottom, left to right, or even on a diagonal. The typography was designed in such a way, that when unfolded, the book creates new messages of love and endearment. These messages are reminders of who we care about, how we express love, and the beautiful language and meaning when two people come together in a relationship.

The visuals in this book come from patterns that I conceptualized and screenprinted. The patterns are abstract and impressionable to different people in different ways. The patterns utilized the flag book structure both when folded and unfolded— creating a unique visual identity that fully takes advantage of the book’s various viewing options. When unfolded the patterns become even more abstracted and unrecognizable. When folded, pages can be flipped through like a traditional book, but more importantly the viewer can see the patterns come together in alignment. Again, this speaks to the conceptual identity of the book, representing individuals in the relationship in the folded page, but also the relationship as a whole with the unfolded pages. The unfolded patterns combines each person’s unique identity in the relationship, representing how we each create new lives and memories with the person we commit to.

The patterns in this book are a six color screenprint on stonehenge paper and the written words were taken from text conversations between myself and my partner— letterpress printed on a C&P 10 × 15 press.