Carolyn Shattuck, “Excess in Moderation”

Origami Peacock- origami paper, background Art Nouveau pattern

2 Origami Butterflies – made from origami paper, background Art Nouveau design

2 panels of Origami Koi fish and turtles- background art Nouveau design

hidden interior with quotes from Mark Twain, Somerset Maugham, Oscar Wilde, Anne Sexton, Victoria Crain and others.

case made from 2 ply mat board and Lama Li paper

Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, Vermont

Excess in Moderation
Carousel with 6 panels -origami
edition of 10
6 pages
h-8.75″  W-11″ D-11″

Artist Statement

Excess in Moderation is an expression of living life to the fullest and also being aware of its risks. These words hung on a storefront in the Florida Keys. My choices are based not on Fear but pushing my ideas to another place. This is my philosophy.

I love patterning and design so I explored combining two different art forms: Art Nouveau and Japanese Origami. This approach exploded in my work as an origami carousel book. Inside the carousel , slightly hidden, are famous statements on this subject.

Excess in Moderation was created in 2016, printed on Red River paper. Japanese origami papers

Vellum, Washi papers and ribbon were also employed. The case was made from 2 ply board and lama Li paper.

“As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain from smoking when awake”   – Mark Twain