Max Marek, “Gedächtnis Protokoll (Protocol by Memory)”

Front cover bound in gray-blue goatskin with title embossed in black.

First and second page with image of bullet hole and shattered glass cut from paper.

Middle pages with images of shattered glass cut from paper.

Last page with image of shattered glass cut from paper and loose black sheet.

Back cover bound in gray-blue goatskin with artist name embossed in black.


Max Marek (Berlin, Germany)

Gedächtnis Protokoll (Protocol by Memory)
Unique Work
Pages: 10
Dimensions open: 11 x 12 x 0.5 inches
Dimensions closed: 11 x 6 x 0.5 inches

A radio documentary about the daily routine of police in Berlin was the source of of inspiration for this book. When called to a crime scene in which shots have been fired, the police, wishing to interrogate witnesses, frequently come across people who say they heard the shots but could not see who did it.

Frustrating as this is, the police are obliged to write up a protocol by memory of the incident, even if no witnesses are willing to talk. This led to my interest in wanting to show what remains behind once the crime scene is cleared by the police.

Depicted on several sheets of paper, the shot reappears and seemingly shatters the pages in this book. As a mute witness of the incident, this last trace becomes a visible but hollow echo of what once took place.