CB Sherlock, “A Day elsewhere: Chateau Laréole”


CB Sherlock

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Day elsewhere: Chateau Laréole
Letterpress and relief printed collage in leather tooled clamshell
12″ x 9.25” x 1.25” …. 22″ open length

Artist Statement

CB Sherlock is a book artist and printmaker. Her work originated in themes of nature, community , belonging, and identity by combining lettered images, nature and unique book structures.

CB creates work that refects the world around her, capturing the brilliant or harsh moments of nature, visually layering with text and image. She uses a recipe: add nature and lettered imagery with a fexible structure of the book, changing size, shape, and color.

As a letterpress printer, paper engineer and book artist, CB creates small edition books, prints and one of a kind works of art. In book making she is able to use the intimacy, fexibility, movement through time and inter-active qualities of the book. Multiple techniques are engaged in the image making: hand painting, paper collaged, painterly printed. It all comes into formation from the inside out, frst the text block, then covers, slipcase or box. Some projects retain the familiarity of the book, other depart. Each one is to be touched, interactive, hand held, viewed and read.