Darren Marsh, “Flōs”



Darren Marsh
Manchester, United Kingdom

Digital print on paper
Folded 10.5cm x 5.2cm x 3cm. Unfolded 32cm x 32cm x 5.2cm

Artist Statement

We must reevaluate our entrenched ideas and preconceived notions.
Lynn Margulis 

Flōs is a meditation on a life lived within a mesh of entangled relationships. A world made up of complex patterns. Patterns beyond our known patterns connecting in unknown ways.

In this world nothing makes itself, and nothing exists by itself. Beings fold with other beings and things fold with other things. Human and non-human, living and nonliving become with each other to bring about new possibilities of being otherwise.

An edition of 12 published 2022.
Each a unique permutation.
Folded 10.5cm x 5.2cm x 3cm
Unfolded 32cm x 32cm x 5.2cm
Canon Chromalife inkjet print on 70gsm Awagami Inbe
and 75gsm Permalife 25% Cotton
Printed slip case on 90gsm Archival Trace