Paju-si, Korea, Republic Of

paper, cement
5.27×4.64×3.5 in

Artist Statement

Hyunzoo Kim 

‘I’ incident.
<Frame> is a self-portrait series.

With the theme of the ‘frame’ of society felt as a woman and an artist, it is a work that builds up thoughts through cracks and is interwoven with the writings of ‘Jean-Luc Nancy’. 

<Frame>, a ‘pointillism series’ started in 2015, is included in the book. Canvas No. 20 size work was cut and edited to fit the plate shape, and it is a format that can be ‘reconstructed’ in a larger size by placing the sheets in order like a ‘puzzle’. 

Using my body as a material, the texture of ‘flesh’ and the state of the ‘clump’ were taken as ‘dots’, and the history of ‘I’ was recorded by writing the writings of the French philosopher ‘Jean Luc Nancy’ <Corpus>. explained together. In this way, the parts of pointillism were overlapped and bound as a ‘stratum of existence’. The ‘Strength of the Frame’, which consists of a total of 568 pages, was finished with cement. 

We focused on planning so that the content and form of the book could be revealed as a symbol. Self-portrait and body language were confined in a small plate of 94x78mm, and beyond that, I tried to express the present ‘I’ surrounded by the wall of the world represented by concrete. 

· Materials and techniques: Dot a pen on paper 

· Binding: Handmade, Cement 

· 70 copies/ Limited Edition