Adria Davis, “Arbitrary Boundaries”



Adria Davis (Paradise, CA)

Arbitrary Boundaries
Installation: digital photography, handmade accordion books
Unique work
5’5″ x 6′ x 8″

In 1989, my parents built a home in Fresno, California. As they planned their home, it was common for us to drive around on weekends exploring different architectural styles. My art practice is influenced by my childhood experiences looking out the backseat window as my parents discussed different stucco choices, paint colors and decorative details. These photographs and books are direct responses to my current environment. I am fascinated by the interplay of where public space meets private space and the borders that link them. At these points, places become portraits of the people who inhabit them.

This installation, Arbitrary Boundaries, comments on the spaces we occupy. Each person deals with their space differently and the viewer can make various assumptions regarding the place and its occupants. What an individual finds important and others find unimportant interests me. These photographs document how an individual’s personality can be expressed in their constructed environment. What our environment says about us, our interaction with nature and the various choices we make, speaks to who we are as a culture.