Eddy Lopez, “Nicaragua: Surviving the Legacy of US Intervention”

Eddy Lopez
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Nicaragua: Surviving the Legacy of US Intervention
archival print
64 x 36″

Artist Statement

My artwork amalgamates archives, books, and memories of war into abstractions of vibrant colors, patterns, and shapes. Through wide- scale collages, I use print media, big data, and averaging algorithms to create compositions that try to find beauty in a chaotic world.

Nicaragua: Surving the Legacy of US Policy is a composite print of all the pages of Paul Dix and Pamela Fitzpatrick’s book by the same title. In amalgamating all the pages in to one, the memories captured in the pages are mercifully obfuscated into a serene, abstracted book.

As a survivor of war and a war refugee, I explore the relationship between lived experience and representation, between remembering and forgetting. My work interrogates if it is right to seek inspiration from atrocities and searches for the proper artistic response to pain and suffering. Can that pain be transformed?