Barbara Eijadi, “To Draw”

Hanging on wall, viewed straight on.

Hanging on wall, viewed at an angle to convey depth and dimension

On tabletop to illustrate volume

Detail of upper left corner


Barbara Eijadi (Saint Paul, MN)

To Draw
Case bound sculpture
Unique work
13.5 x 23.25 x 3

In collaboration with Leon Hushcha, I was provided an opportunity to bring a new perspective to Hushcha prints, paintings, and drawings. My work began by using traditional bookbinding techniques and structures, and resulted in an exploration of sculptural books. Together we completed fourteen of these pieces, and “Book as Metaphor” was exhibited at Hushcha Studio in October of 2014.

I began by selecting prints and drawings from the Hushcha archives, based on color, image, texture and shape, as well as how an image would respond to curves, and the confines of a “spread.” The books were bound as flat back case bindings. Most pieces included five sections of four folios each. Book board, book cloth, and 250Gg archival paper was used in the construction of each piece, Hushcha’s art work in the center spread. The book was then laid open, and I began forming the curves to each page, securing each with PVA, and/or a double-sided archival adhesive. Stretcher bars were attached to the back to provide stability and dimension.

The books were then delivered to Hushcha for his added interpretation. With the work presented in a new form, he embellished each piece, “paying homage to the literary, the figurative, and the sculptural.”

To Draw began with a portion of a print of a recent ink drawing. Leon continued to enhance this piece, drawing creatures and figures to it, and the work was transformed again.