Jim Butler, “Open Ended”


Jim Butler
Cambridge, England

Open Ended
screen printed in 2 colours on BFK Rives and 150gsm acid-free tracing paper; case- bound with screen printed cover
20.6 x 0.8 x 20.6 cm

Artist Statement

Open Ended plays with the idea of time and space within the book form. The opening, or double page spread, forms the basic spatial unit of the codex. Time within books has been considered within the context of narratology and the distinction between reading time and narrative time is a key concept within this field. This sort of reading time assumes a linear reading, with pages being completed according to their amount of content. In Open Ended narrative and figuration are excluded, removing the possibility of progressive narrative driving the act of reading or the interplay between reading time and narrative time. The content of each opening is not fixed: neither position of the tracing paper, recto or verso, or orientation should give a sense of completion of the composition of the opening. The book can be opened and read from either end, so that each opening is rotated 180 degrees.