Joy Wagner, “Sleep, My Dear”

Joy Wagner
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sleep, My Dear
Paper & string
25″ x 40″

Artist Statement

This book details something I experience every single
morning. In a world of extroverts and early-birds, I am an
introverted night-owl. The struggle is real! Waking up is the
most painful part of my day. I am here to represent those
who have brains that thrive in the night, but have no love
for the daytime hours.

The alarm clock is my nemesis. This quilt tells the story of
pushing snooze a dozen times, complete with justification,
frustration and imagined humiliation.

The clock numbers get bigger with each hand-sewn panel,
representing the increasing urgency of getting up and at ’em.
The writer’s struggle to rise, increases their disillusionment
with the day ahead. And makes them feel defeated before
leaving the house.

But, I do promise, her day gets better!