Julia Heurling, “Nida Forest Sequences 1-7”

Julia Heurling
Hägersten, Sweden

Nida Forest Sequences 1-7
Photography and paper

Artist Statement

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A sequence represents multiple slightly different versions of a theme or phenomenon. It gives a spectrum of visual experience, informing about non-absoluteness, shifts, glitches, and relativity.

Nida Forest Sequences 1-7 derives from a residency at Nida Art Colony in Lithuania, September 2018. The work reflects on the forest paths on a conceptual level, and on perception and experience of those.

“Nida Forest Sequences” are put together as three dimensional foldable objects. A viewer has to flip through every sequence to look through it, yet can only look at one spread at a time. This aims to address the complexity of reality, and how it is impossible to fully grasp or understand it simultaneously. When we choose one perspective, we reject another.

With a background as a pattern designer, my artistic work today is engaged with exploring repetition and meaning through pattern and sequence. Combining photography and repetition enables a narrative beyond content of separate images. Through repetition, elements of both generalization and intensification are revealed. As abstraction, repetition enables layers of parallel readings and interpretations. Composition through pattern and sequence gives a platform for visual thinking, or non-verbal reasoning. Photographs in multiples become an instrumental material in this process.