Magdalena Cordero, “Memento Mori”




Magdalena Cordero

Memento Mori
Embroidery on paper
4 5/8x 7 2/8 x 1 3/16 in.

Artist Statement

Magdalena´s themes for her artwork are concepts such as memory, landscapes, and travels, but literature is also an inspiration. Her artwork is based principally on painting, drawing and printmaking. Her art combines these three techniques in order to produce innovated new outcomes. But she also likes to learn and try other medias as well, such as collage, hand paper cutting, embroidery, etc. Mixing them and creating a new image is what keep her inspire. There are always some elements of chance that lead her to discoveries and gives a different point of view to her work –she likes to take advantage of them. Her first studies were in painting; melding that to other media such as printmaking, and book arts gives her the chance to create interesting results, and a better method on what she wants to produce in a final work or image.

Memento Mori is a book based in Greek mythology, the Moirai. Three sisters who manage the life and destiny of humans with a thread of life. The artist creates the images with the concept of the thread going around the book and the binding, so the book is completely made with embroidery on paper. The text is handwritten. The idea of this work appeared in the middle of the pandemic, while studying diverse ideas for different projects, the concept of death and it forms was frequently explored.