Karen Kunc, “Release”

Karen Kunc
Lincoln, NE

Etching, woodcut, and letterpress on various Japanese Nishinouchi papers, and artist-made blue kozo. Box of covered boards. Clamshell box with cradle 11.25 x 8 x 2.25″ closed.
7” x 4” folded, 7” x 56” open

Artist Statement

Release evokes the inexorable tension of our times and the realization of irrevocable change. This work is a visual metaphor of transition and a memorial to our loved ones passed.

The book format provokes experiences on many sensual and spatial levels—the tactile qualities made for the hand, the control of pacing and the “reading/viewing” as an experience, an interest in story-telling, and strong, important historical and cultural associations.

The visual sensibilities transform the concepts of abiding life issues, on change, matter, time.