Karen Kunc, “Corruption”

Karen Kunc
Lincoln, NE

Photopolymer relief plates and handset letterpress type on artist-made cotton paper with pulp painting. Folded pages are encased in covers of handmade paper with a woodblock printed blend, and bound with a long-stitch.
8 1/4” x 5 ¾” closed, 8 ¼” x 11 ½” open

Artist Statement

The poet’s voice weaves oral recitation into speculation on manuscript traditions and the inevitability of ephemeral life. The calligraphy and imagery presents ink over stain residue creating a palimpsest, derived from found book pages, which offers a poignancy and dry humor to the eternal cycle. These ideas contrast our own ephemeral materiality and the matter of the physical world. For me, there is a love of materials as I make my book objects – an awareness of paper, ink, proportion, color, relationships, finish, detail, all parts to the whole. I am making an aesthetic object, even a beautiful one, as a carrier of important ideas.