Lucy Childs, “A Blustery Windy Day on Quiet Island”


Lucy Childs
Martinez, California

A Blustery Windy Day on Quiet Island
textile, hand embroidery
24.5 x 5.25 x .125″

Artist Statement

Quiet Island is an imaginary location meant for escapes, musings, or meditations. My embroidered series Quiet Island, which includes A Blustery Windy Day on Quiet Island, began in 2015.

A Blustery Windy Day on Quiet Island shows a day where islanders can feel blasts of those wind with lots of confidence. During stormy weather, Islanders “gather together to search out, batten down, and protect all we can. And then we go inside, make soup and tell stories. When it’s calm we clean up, mend and repair, and start again.”

Quiet Island exists within the sweep of the North Atlantic Drift of the Gulf Stream and inside that arm of land which provides shelter from hurricanes and seasonal storms that hit most everywhere else nearby. Daydream and explore its meadows or beaches, lunch or gossip at one of the cafes (the menu is yours), breathe island air, feel its temperatures, listen to sounds; it’s all up to you.