Julie Shaw Lutts, “Handwriting Analysis”

This image is the closed artist book which is housed in a metal trimmed glass box.

Here are the twenty metal edged pages played outside the box.

A close up of the pages.

The pages played out.

The back of the pages which are puzzled together to view a handwriting practice sheet. Each page has the analysis on the back.


Julie Shaw Lutts (Salem, MA)

Handwriting Analysis
Mixed media artist book
unique work
20 pages
55 x 22″ open
8 x 6 x 5″ closed

I have long been interested in handwriting. It is such a personal part of each of us, unique like a figure print. But now I wonder what is being lost with the digital revolution. Many schools don’t teach handwriting anymore. Many young people today can’t read script.

Handwriting Analysis is a work that brings together vintage photo booth photos and handwritten letters. I’ve created the narrative by choosing the photographs and matching them to the handwriting samples which I think their personality align with.

Afterward with the help of an expert I analyzed their handwriting, and the outcome can be read on the back of each page. The 20 metal edged pages can be read individually or you can puzzle them together to build the story.

While analyzing all these unique handwriting samples I learned many new terms including, Excessive Loops, Shrinking Words, Long Cradle, Slashing Strokes and Inflated Upper Zone. But my favorite is Shallow Garlands, which can suggest indifference.