Katya Robin, “Message in a Bottle”

General view

Detail of leaflet

Reverse of leaflet

Action: casting water over the stones

Katya Robin
Sheffield, Yorkshire UK

Message in a Bottle
installation of leaflets, 2 stones, bottle of water
300 leaflets
tri-fold leaflet
leaflet (open) 21x30cm,  stones (x 2) 10x11x30cm approx, bottle 30x8x8cm

Artist Statement

I work with common motifs and materials, reading the everyday. As part of my projects I install objects in places and document this interaction. This leads to publications and portmanteau artworks.


The installation/interaction opens up ways of delivering a message, transience, and layering of heritage. This work combines different elements and media: a leaflet, two local stones, a bottle of freshly drawn water, and action.

The stones are laid out as pages of an open book. At appropriate intervals a gallery assistant will draw some water from the bottle and cast it across the stones.

The leaflet is like a free promotional flyer. Some of the leaflets will be gifted to gallery visitors.  The content combines different types of communication: info-text, poetry, text-as-image, maps, labels, waterdrawing.

The stones are sandstone, found in my yard, probably from a local mine. This type of stonework is typical of the area. Sandstone is formed over time by elements deposited by water.