Maria G. Pisano, “Via Dolorosa: From Sea to Shining Sea”

Maria G. Pisano
Plainsboro, New Jersey

Via Dolorosa: From Sea to Shining Sea
laser printed
Open: 65 x 10 x 12.25″; Closed: 2 x 10 x 12.25″

Artist Statement

This artist’s book highlights the USA’s current administration push to build a Southern border wall, at all costs – reflecting government prejudices and policies that disregard our laws and human rights and attempts to keep certain immigrants out of our country as a result of hate and discrimination. This country is made up of immigrants like myself and it is richer for it, destroying the diversity of who we are as a nation, disregarding damage to the environment – both fauna and flora, Native American burial grounds, etc., are some of the consequences resulting from this pursuit. Side A of the work depicts fences and maps of the entire US/Mexico border from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico with symbolic migrants/asylum seekers reinforcing it. Side B highlights the plight of immigrants, laws that have been passed to prevent them to even apply, information on ICE, separation and incarceration of children and families, etc.

The structure is a herringbone accordion book with walls on both sides. The book is laser printed and open it measures 65”W x 12.25”H x 10”D and closed 12.25”H x 10”W x 2”D. The drawings are from elementary school children. The poem, The New Colossus is by Emma Lazarus, 1883. Open edition – Designed and bound by the artist Maria G. Pisano – Memory Press © 2019