Marianne Nagel, “Das Lied der Wellenreiter (The song of the surfers)”



Marianne Nagel
Leipzig, Germany

Das Lied der Wellenreiter (The song of the surfers)
blind embossing, one of a kind linocut and material print, hot embossing on paper that turns transparent, recycled, leather, 15 copies.

7,8″ x 3,9″

Artist Statement

Mind and intuition, the before and after, the haptics of the material and the fleetingness of a touch form the basis of my artist books. In them, I search for processes that usually run under our radar – be they too mundane or apart from our senses – and try to find images, forms or sounds for them.

Meandering between science and my imagination, translated into words, graphics, embossing or folding techniques, I give form to the scratching of fingernails on wood or show how sound waves waft through the body.

„Song of the surfers“ is a poem and a haptic expierience about my imagination how spoken words in their pysicall form of soundwaves overwelm our bodies. I carry this picture for a long time and I wonder how efectfull it may be – as a conclusion it is a demand to pick words carefully.