Melissa Wagner-Lawler, “Low Tide”

Melissa Wagner-Lawler
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Low Tide
Toner transfer and gouache in a Wire Edge Binding; custom enclosure.
11″ x 11″ x 1.5″

Artist Statement

Low Tide is an artist book object created in 2022 using the randomly drawn Artist Book Idea Card set parameters. This version of the book incorporates text and image printed using toner transfer techniques and hand painted gouache on the wire edge bound book.
The first part of the poem is outlined in the book, while the later part is printed on the trench that holds the sculptural artist book when displayed.

The imagery in the book shows a section of a beach with the water at low tide. On the exterior of the book form, the low tide is presented as a dark image to highlight the text and hand painted rocks. This is contrasted on in the inside of the book form with a
lighter, digitally manipulated version of the same imagery. The imagery of rocks is also presented throughout the enclosure to repeat the form.

The colophon is presented on a triangular plate that rests inside the opening of the tray enclosure that holds the book. This tray is removed to reveal the lower portion of the poem and trench where the book is ultimately displayed.

While this book is one of a kind, I will be creating a small edition of the book this summer.