Bernadette Keating, “Of Bounds”

Bernadette Keating
Mountmellick, Ireland

Of Bounds
Visual Arts (photography and text-based work)
13 x 8.6 x 0.6″

Artist Statement

Of Bounds, which includes an essay by the artist, combines two works that focus on land reform,borders, and the design of space. ‘Líne’, a series of color photographs shot over a number of years, explores the reinforced hedge boundary of a small farm in Ireland where Keating grew up.

The text-based series, ‘Not all battlecries are meant to be heard’, is a collection of slogans taken from annual reports and social media platforms that have been engraved on steel plates; photographed in a gallery setting, each re-contextualizes the values and visions of corporate landowners. The juxtaposition of the two works emphasizes the temporal nature of a world always in flux and the ongoing efforts to control it.