Meri Page, “Spring Creek”

Meri Page
Syracuse, New York

Spring Creek
Book Art
8.5” x 1.5” x 6.25”

Artist Statement

Spring Creek is a visual meditation exploring the changing environment of a hidden slot canyon in rural Southern Utah over the course of one year. The project began as a series of dog walks, with biweekly explorations of the 3.5 mile trail. Watching the creek over the course of a year radically alter the landscape, at times frozen, then turbulent, then meandering, until the hot dry summer where it provided cool relief from the relentless sun then slowed and almost evaporated.

Spring Creek Canyon located in Kanarraville, Utah sits on the northern border of Zion National Park. Zion NP park received 4.49 million visitors in 2019 (4.32 in 2018) and there are currently 961,000 posts with the hashtag #zionnationalpark on Instagram. Sitting on the other side of an invisible boundary line, Spring Creek Canyon in contrast receives perhaps a few hundred visitors (usage is not recorded) and its Instagram hashtag #springcreekcanyon has less than 100 images.

These repeated visits and hikes inspired questions about our experience of the landscape, place, memory, and the emotional and economic value we assign to land.