Radha Pandey, “Memory of Long Ago”

Radha Pandey
Tistedal, Norway

Memory of Long Ago
letterpress printing on handmade paper
5.75 x 3″

Artist Statement

Breast milk, semen and snow were perhaps out first encounters with white. What is snow had fallen orange? How would our early perceptions of life, creation and reverence of nature affect our current notions of virginity, race, purity and beauty?

Memory of Long Ago has been made using highly beaten abaca fibers that were letterpress printed using Joanna types. The text has been printed with permission from the author, Kenta Hara, who wrote White.

The text has been printed in a way that allows for multiple readings. The printed order may not necessarily be the order revealed by the turning of the page, the movement of the eye or the play of light on paper.

Papers were waxed and bound to resemble an ice core. Layers of frozen water–firn, hold our planet’s memories from long ago.