Nicole Soley, “Roxanne: Winter Edition”


Nicole Soley
Eagan, Minnesota

Roxanne: Winter Edition
Screenprint with machine stitching and polyfil.
12″ x 12″ x 15″

Artist Statement

“Roxanne: Winter Edition” is a print inspired by my experiences witnessing my mom’s upkeep of our childhood home. My parents were divorced growing up and my mother’s dedication to yard work and housework is very memorable to me. As an adult, I now recognize how hard she worked to maintain a household for her children. I think this print, while playful in nature and possibly even humorous, evokes different emotions in the context of American divorce. I think the responsibility she took on as a single mother navigating the world with and for her children is commendable and worthy of an audience’s attention.

I hope the work implicates the viewer to consider the impacts of American divorce while also evoking a sense of relatability to the American duty of homeownership and upkeep as a standard of achievement which perhaps is more questioned in today’s world.