Dietmar Pfister, “Modo Morandi”







Dietmar Pfister (Heroldsberg, Germany)

Modo Morandi
Edition of 21
25 pages
31 x 72 open (pl. case)
31 x 36 closed (pl. case)

Modo Morandi: a portfolio of seven etchings by Dietmar Pfister and seven poems by Franz Mon, senior master of Concrete poetry, combining literature and art through the alliance of both artists.
This artistic project forms a very special relationship between visual and language art. The images of books include concrete poetry, so the literal and pictorial, the spatial and typographical characteristics form one unity.
The etchings / images reference the art of Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) supplemented by book objects taken from the artist’s library. The lyrics were written in response and were placed into the picture areas as a truly singular creative collaboration between artist and poet.
Each etching (20 x 28) is printed in chine-collé on Alt Berlin Bütten (31 x 36) (printer Joschi Josephski, Issing).
They are interleaved with Zander transparent paper carrying the lyrics (letterpress by Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg).
The etchings are signed and numbered by the artist.
The whole portfolio (38 x 42 x 2) is signed and numbered by both artists.
The case (with magnetic closures) and title embossing is hand made by Hilmar Wölfel (Nürnberg).
Modo Morandi was most recently presented at Codex V in San Francisco.