Ravikumar Kashi, “Chest of Secrets”

Ravikumar Kashi
Bangalore, India

Chest of Secrets
Digital print on cotton and paper, matte lamination.
L13” x W12” x H5.5”

Artist Statement

What we reveal to the outside world is a largely filtered version of ourselves . Our inner world is convoluted, complex, and chaotic. “Chest of secrets” is a book that gives a visual form to these intertwined narratives that fill our mind, to the way it is difficult to find the beginning or the end of a thought. One thought leads, merges into another, and keeps circling back around hope, desire, doubt, fear, regrets, guilt and secrets. While “Chest of Secrets” can be read in bits and pieces, it is mostly intended to be seen as a visual metaphor for the illegible inner world.