Christopher Kardambikis, “Nebulae Vague”

Christopher Kardambikis
Alexandria, Virginia

Nebulae Vague
risograph, handmade slipcase, found book
unfolded and out of slipcase: 31 x 12″

Artist Statement

Nebulae Vague​ is an anxious book. It is also a book about a book. An anxious book that builds off of a book that documents space in order to examine a fractured sense of place and purpose.

In 1946, ​An Album of Celestial Photographs​ was published. This was a book that was to give perspective and an “edgewise view of our universe.” It was a glimpse into the void that would allow us as humans to consider what and who we were in relation to all of that out there that was so hard to imagine. Multiple views of outer space were gathered from observatories across the country to develop a composite understanding.

Developing ​Nebulae Vague​ is an act of re-montage. A process of re-fracturing and disruption. A serene set of views from massive telescopes no longer accurately picture our universe. In order to recontextualize the images presented originally in ​An Album​, I had to insert images gathered from an inward facing, intuitive katabasis. In re-approaching space, by ​opening up new spaces​ I hope to reveal a nuanced and undecided consideration of place. I attempt to make space for new ideas and considerations through the layering of drawn images collected through a series of reiki sessions and meditative mark makings. An effort to join an expansive interior space with a rapidly expanding exterior.