Graham Patten & Sarah Smith, “News Cycle”

Sarah Smith
White River Junction, Vermont

Graham Patten
Medford, Massachusetts

News Cycle
letterpress with photo polymer plates from ink drawings
3.75 x 3.75 x 1.5″

Artist Statement

This multiplex carousel structure—a Continuously Convoluting Carousel—is the first of its kind. It was invented by bookbinder and conservator Graham Patten, and features artwork by printer, illustrator, and book artist Sarah Smith. It can be inverted on itself indefinitely, revealing a sequence of four different hidden openings or displays. A variation on the Jacob’s Ladder toy, the Continuously Convoluting Carousel employs the same double-action hinges that gave the original toy its characteristically illusive motion.

News Cycle is comments on our reactions to the news. Through the operation of the book, five groups of people express four different emotions—apathetic, shocked, angry and elated. The cycle continues indefinitely as the viewer manipulates the book and the people experience the news. The images were drawn in pen and ink and then printed with photopolymer plates.