Eszter Sziksz,”Fragment”







Eszter Sziksz (Memphis, TN)

screen print and letterpress
Unique work
12×7,5 open
5×7,5 closed

The universe where we are living is constantly moving, changing and reforming every day. Time and matter are very subjective just like the life around and in us. The subject matter of my books is about life and death. I used a photo portrait of my daughter, who is a life created from me. The photo is a present moment from the past. The instant in time shown in the photograph is already gone but I captured the fleeting moment with my camera.

With my books I attempt to show the fragility of life. We continually depend on and react to people in our environment. These interactions shape us. Similarly, books need somebody to open and read them to bring them to life. The resonance of a good book continues to linger after it has been read.