Tricia Treacy, “SLOT”

Tricia Treacy
Boone, North Carolina

risograph, hand binding, foil-stamping
12.5 x 17″

Artist Statement

My creative research envelops collaborative approaches that intersect design, printmaking, typography, bookmaking and writing. In the fascinating space between digital and analog (and indeed where they collide), I investigate new methods to analyze and agitate, creating projects through creative interpretations. I work with print and book media to enter a space rich with intuition, play, and an exchange with materials. Often this process tends to be experimental in nature as I strive for a fluidity between idea and form; but there are mistakes and risks that need to occur beforehand. I collect printed matter from day to day environments. I am often puzzled by how much printed matter surrounds us and (inevitably) funnels into my brain, world, and perspectives on making.

While in Rome as a fellow at the American Academy in 2018, I worked with master printer Pino LoRusso at the printmaking laboratory of the Calcografia Nazionale. I created a series of collaged prints composed of segments of found printed materials onto which were overprinted layers of colored woodblock impressions. The strips reflect the form of postage slots, common to Roman apartment buildings. They implicate the threshold between public and private, and proved an ideal formal catalyst to deepen my interest in notions of privacy. I also worked with master printer, Jo Frenken at Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, Netherlands while on a residency to print the pages on their large format risograph.


The book was printed on IBO paper from Igepa Paper in the Netherlands (thanks to Irma Boom). Foil-stamped cases were designed and produced by John Demerritt for each edition.

The final results of this project were exhibited at Colli Independent Gallery in Rome, Italy (June-September 2018). The exhibition was curated by Emanuele DeDonno and was made possible by the Fellows Project Fund of the American Academy in Rome.