Mark Wingrave, “A journey from one reality to another”


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Mark Wingrave (Brunswick, Victoria, Australia)

A journey from one reality to another
Scanned images, ink jet print
Unique work
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 21cms x 28cms (A4)

This book combines text, scanned and digital repeats of drawings. The text is my translation of a chapter from Russian writer Galina Ermoshina’s recent book The Hourglass. Ermoshina, who lives in Samara, Southern Russia, is author to a number of books of poetry and prose. This particular book, with its connections to Borges, Calvino and stream of consciousness modernism, simultaneously speaks of story telling and the writing process.

I am interested in the dialogue between translation and visual art. In particular, the shifting perspectives the translator takes and the wider implications of interpretation and invention for making work. The result initiates interplay of textual and visual symmetries, forming parallels and asserting differences.