Tim Shore, “Tidal”


Tim Shore
Derby, United Kingdom

Paper, Single-wall corrugated cardboard, thread
10 x 9 x 1/4”

Artist Statement

The ‘tidal volume’ is the amount of air we typically breathe in and out of our lungs. Tidal is made of two accordion-fold books that are sewn back-to-back at their spines. The books are labelled L (left) and R (right). Each volume may be partially opened until the fold reaches its mechanical and material limit (inhale) then returned to its flat state (exhale). Tidal references the human lungs, the book’s limited capacity to open comments on the respiratory difficulties that people with the COVID 19 virus continue to experience, and also the artificial ventilation which may be needed to allow people to continue to breathe.

10 x 9 x ¼”, Office Depot 80gsm Pink, GF Smith Colorplan Cobalt 135gsm and Natural 100gsm.
Tidal was made for the AMBruno Volume project, 2021.
Edition of 12, 2021