Melanie Hewitt, “Honey”

Melanie Hewitt
Spokane Valley, Washington

Alcohol ink on ceramic with letterpress on mixed media paper
9 1/4″ x 8″ x 4 1/4″

Artist Statement

I am greatly influenced by how a person will interact with a book I make. My structures determine how a person will be forced to touch or even view the book. With this piece I wanted to push that as far as I could. Books are generally meant to be held in hand with the reading viewing the pages straight on. The structure of this book bends both of those rules.

The concept of the piece is influenced by honey bees and their purpose in making the sticky substance. It is all they need to live off of. I created this book as the Covid 19 closures had just gone into effect and discovered that some of what I need to live I wouldn’t be able to get because of it.